31, Oct 2020
Software Development Services

For digitizing any business software are must to implement. At every stage of digitizing the business we need to implement a software to reduce the cost and make it fast and accurate. We develop software which is as per customer requirements and work closely with the customer to its satisfaction.

Any process or procedure which is repetitive in nature can be implemented in software to reduce time and use the resources for more focused work.

We can implement software in almost every aspect of business be it production, admin, marketing, sales, customer services etc. For every aspect software gives us following flexibilities than using man power for it.

  • Software are fast and accurate. since software are machine based so the calculation and processing which takes days for humans can be done in seconds by software. The calculations done by software are accurate and reliable while calculations done by human are error prone.
  • Software are easily scalable. Software can be scaled easily based on the business requirements.
  • Can be operated anywhere in the world.
  • Information entered in software are stored for ever if not deleted.
  • Information can be searched and retrieved with a click.
  • Software provides huge potential of analyzing the data which is not possible with human interaction. Analyzing the data can help to take business decision to grow sales etc. Big data and data mining can help to get bucket of information from the ocean of data.
  • Software can be implemented in parts and pieces and as a whole solution both.
  • Can operate in conditions where human operations are not possible.
  • Can be programmed to take decision based on input by using artificial intelligence.
  • Software do reduce business cost a huge.
  • Software provides huge market place to business. More business more growth.


We at KRIPO, to convert the businesses to digital providing following software solutions to our clients:

  • Website Development
    • E-Commerce website
    • Dynamic Website
    • Blogging Website
    • Informational Website
    • Listing Websites
    • Creative Websites
    • Custom Websites
  • Mobile Applications
    • E-Commerce Apps
    • Business Apps
    • Any custom Apps as per customer requirements
  • ERP/CRM or Business software
    • Custom/Open source Software
      • Inventory Management Software
      • School Management Software
      • Hospital Management Software
      • Sales Management Software
      • Account Management Software
      • Human Resource Management Software
      • Lead Management Software
    • Any custom software development as per client need.
  • Software maintenance and enhancement services
    • Services to maintain already implemented software maintenance such any ERP/CRM software already implemented, website or mobile app maintenance and enhancement etc.
    • E-commerce software maintenance and support services.
  • Designing Services for online marketing and advertisements.
  • Consultancy Services. We do also provide consultancy services for various software technologies.