Software Development

KST (KRIPO Software Technologies) is dealing in variety of software application development. We at KST, do help out customers to get their software developed with the latest technologies and fast paced development. Our team of subject experts is well equipped to deliver the end customer oriented software solutions to our clients. KST offers support for all the stages software development along with the agile methodology of software development.

Cloud Services

Cloud migration and setup is the need of every organization to utilize the resources efficiently and effectively. It also helps in reducing the upgrade time and complexity. At KST, we are offering services to help the organizations to move from traditional on-premises deployments to cloud deployments.

CI/CD (Continuous Integration, Continuous Development and Continuous Delivery)  is the pillar of modern age software development. Tools like Jenkins, Bamboo etc are the core for achieving the fastest possible developments. To complete the cloud services offering KST does provide services to manage the CI/CD of its customers.


Every organization needs to scaleup and refine their processes to compete on the fast changing industries.  Manual processes are slow and error prone. KST offers help to automate the processes by utilizing power of software. Software application can easily convert a repeatable manual process into automated self occurring process.


Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) is a very effective tool to get more sales by industries which needs to continuously reach to its customers. SEO helps them to be found on top of search results for the services or products they do offer. Investing in SEO is a long term and best online marketing tool.

Custom ERP

Today no business can survive without using the software one or the other form in its operations. Right from the small shops to the multi billion organizations, all needs different software to manage the different aspects of business such as accounting, Human Resource, Inventory, Stocks to be named a few.

KST does provide help its customers by providing the KST proprietary tools, Open Source tools, and by developing the custom tools as per client requirements.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the integral and crucial part of marketing for the organizations today. It has become as necessary as any other form of marketing for any product to succeed in market. Realizing the importance of digital marketing in our clients business, KST does offer its service to help the clients to perform the digital marketing for their products and services to reach to the targeted audiences.