KRIPO established in 2019 is a upcoming IT Software company in proximity (National Capital Region) of Delhi, India.

We are focused on providing end to end digital solutions to transform all type of traditional businesses and their processes into digital. Our expert solutions help them to create a strong online presence and help them expand their business beyond local market.

Our services like Software Development, Mobile Applications and Web Applications, Digital Marketing, Online business analytics and Software Support Services make you a online brand. Our services are not only to provide scratch software implementations but also we support in software maintenance services to our clients.

We always strive to provide customer satisfaction through our services at an affordable price.

 1. Going Online

For a business to become online it need to publish details about its services and products on internet and online platforms. Also some businesses like e-commerce need to provide online transaction facility, invoicing and order placement etc. in addition to product and services description.

KRIPO helps them by creating clean and good looking Websites, Mobile Apps developed and focused on client’s requirements. We do support as small as basic static website to complex E-commerce and AI based websites and Mobile Applications.....


We Help Businesses To Go Digital !!

Custom Software
Since, every business has its own processes and procedures, so we need every software need to be targeted for the needs of particular business processes. KRIPO, do help businesses to get the ERP, CRM, HR, Inventory management, Accounts management and various business software developed as per the business needs and get the available software customized as per their needs.
Mobile Applications

Mobile phones are the easy and effective way to reach your existing and new customer in today's tech world. User needs to have the business simplified and easy to use so more and more mobile applications are being asked by businesses to reach to their customer and not to miss any potential business. KRIPO with its software expertise help businesses to get innovative and good looking mobile application to get in touch to their customer all the time.

Web Applications

Web applications are crucial for implementation of mobile applications and to keep it updated every time.  Web applications are not only used for the accessing mobile application backend but also various operations and processes need to have a central database and system to synchronize various staff, operations etc. 

Data stored on web can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world with correct authentications. Centralize data help a lot to businesses. KRIPO does create easy and innovative web application for such requirements from businesses. Which help them to manage their operations more affectively and efficiently.

Website Development

In the age of digital world every business is expected to have a online presence and should be able to share its products and services to its customer with a effective presentation. 

Today people do have very less time to go through your business and services it is very crucial to give them precise description regarding your offerings. KRIPO with its clean and clear web designs help businesses to showcase their products and services to its customer and gain more business.

E-Commerce Store

Businesses such as grocery store, general store, super markets and multibrand stores etc. do require to showcase and market thousands of products. Also they need to manage various operations such as payment, invoicing, delivery and order management on the digital platforms itself. These type of businesses called as e-commerce do need complex website and backend connectivity and management. We at KRIPO, help these businesses to setup their store quickly and hassle free with our services. We do develop customer friendly and easy to manage online stores for them and help them to manage it as well for their day to work.

Software Maintenance

Many businesses do have some sort of software implemented to them but due to lack to maintenance they are not able to use them. Any software needs to maintain and upgrade time to time to include new features, bug fixes and new security features implementation. If we are not maintaining software for a long time then it gets obsolete and its advantage does reduce. So, KRIPO is helping its customers to maintain their existing software as well by providing them annual, bi-annual or quarterly maintenance services.

Digital Marketing

Marketing as we know is the backbone of any business. For every business marketing is must. But with the changing times when people are spending most of their time on mobile or internet, Digital Marketing has become necessity to all businesses. KRIPO does understand that very well and as we want our customer to grow their businesses, we are providing all the services under digital marketing like SEO, Social Media Promotions, Digital Campaigning etc.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engines are every where in digital world. Whatever we are trying to buy (a product or service), we do search it on various platforms such as Google, e-commerce internal search such as Amazon, App Store, You Tube etc.

Every platform does contain billions of data in it but how do we get a data of our interest out of it? The Answer is do Searching with query.

So, with every search query there are billions of results returned by the platforms but do we see all of them? Surely No, So here comes SEO, with our service of SEO (i.e Search Engine Optimization) we do help your website or product and services to get listed in first few results of google search queries which helps you get more customer.




Social Media Marketing

When everyone is having a smartphone is their hands today and spending more than 4-5 hours a day on social media, reaching people with our products and services is never easier than this. With our expert team in social media management and improving brand awareness we help business to create their brand online.

Business Analytics

With so much data available online, we gather the crisp data of their website and customer behavior with the help of digital platforms. With this data we can help businesses and organizations to grow the business and plan it better.

Data Entry and Product Management

Handling of data entry of thousands of products and maintaining them is not an easy task for any business. We at KRIPO do want our customer to focus them on their business to grow so offers services like product data entry, data records to be managed by our team for them. This helps them to keep off the tasks which usually hampers them to go digital.

Customer Calling

Getting in touch to customer is very crucial to keep them reminding of your product and services. This helps companies to capture the potential business which can turn into near future. We at KRIPO helping them to reap out this marketing technique with us by providing them services for customer calling and making people brand aware.