31, Oct 2020
Accounting Software

Accounting and bookkeeping is integral part of every business and organization. Be it a small shopkeeper or a big corporate accounting is must for everyone. Keeping record of every transaction and billings is mandatory by law and also necessary for every business.

Our accounting solutions does keep it simple and provides various capabilities such as :

  • Business can store its client details.
  • It can store all invoices received and created.
  • Help in calculating taxes.
  • Search data based on client, date and transaction.
  • easy yo handle and maintain

We have different module for it are:

  • Accounts management
  • Sales management
  • Tax management
  • Invoice Management

31, Oct 2020
Hospital Management

Life is precious and doctors are considered after the God. So, acting upon on time in hospital very much crucial to save a life. Our efforts are to facilitate hospital management and doctors to perform their work more faster and precisely.

Our hospital products are aimed to provide:

  • Patient records for quick access
  • Staff record to manage the staff availability
  • Medicine database for easy access
  • Hospital security
  • Hospital canteen.
  • Cleaning staff management
  • etc.
31, Oct 2020
School Management Software

Schools vital part of every child life and every school gives its best to be the no of education provider it’s area. However, ever school does have to manage a lot of different departments and handle many tasks parallelly.

To make schools more effective and fast we are focusing on providing following solutions to school management, teacher and students.

  • Staff Management
  • Child fee Management
  • Syllabus Management
  • Transport Management
  • Accounts Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Front desk Management
  • Admission Management
  • School Security Management
24, Oct 2020
Inventory Management System

Lost the inventory count how many pieces are left still in stock which product got sold most and which product we need to focus more sales .. Don’t worry KRIPO is bringing you the solution to manage your product stock easily and efficiently with it’s Inventory Managment System.

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