Factory Material Management Software

Factory Material Management Software

Need of Material Management Software for Industries/Factories:

Every industry or factory do deal with various type of materials. It always needs to track the inward and outward material at every stage of production. Manual tacking of material is erroneous and tedious task. In order to make this simple and easy for the production houses we developed the software Material Management Software.

Usually materials are received on main gate with the challan no and in various packaging forms. When it enters premises it gets entered by the operator at gate with the details of inward supply.

Once inwards material is received it is segregated to separate line items and tags are inserted for each line.

After separating for material for production lines, it gets labelled for the operations to be performed on the material.

The lineman does perform the operations and forwards the finished product to testing team. Testing team does approve the quality or sent it back for the improvements.

The approved products are than sent for the outward supplies and gets a challan generated. The out gate challan gets generated and labelled. Once the goods are received by the customer that the bar codes are matched and one cycle is marked completed.


  • Easy to use and setup.
  • Multiple roles for every stage of production. Each user does have specific access to data.
  • Admin panel for master database.
  • Bar code generation for Gate in, Gate out and Customer .
  • Challan form creation.
  • Admin Reports and details of material.
  • Can be deployed on a central server and accessed on anywhere on Lan or Internet.
  • Generation of tags in every stage of detailed tracking.
  • Auto filled data from previous stage.
  • Challan print integration.
  • Customized as per need.



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