Google Fred Algorithm

July 6, 2021

Google Fred Algorithm

Google Fred Algorithm

On march 2017, seo experts , sites owners they all became panic because of eventually 90 % decrease in traffic on their websites. Frantic SEOs tried to calm their clients, who had seen a drop in traffic.

In this way they learned about major Google algorithm update which was came to be known as the “Fred” update.

The name was jokingly given by Gary Illyes(A webmaster analytics expert).

What is google fred algorithm?

Google makes changes to its algorithm every day. This is  believed that Fred is one of those updates which you noticed only if you start seeing changes in your website rankings or traffic.  But this update create a lot of panic because it create negative impact on the website ranking or traffic.

Google Fred is an algorithm update specially targets black hat tactics those who are violently working for monetization. Those website are which contains low value content ,excessive ads and dummy sites created for ad revenue .These all websites are negatively impacted by Fred update.

Barry Schwartz(Seo Experts)also  noticed that the  websites which have a large amount of ad and created for the purpose of generating revenue are affected.




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